Independent Contractors – Part I: Introduction

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  Determining whether your worker is an independent contractor or an employee can be a delicate balancing act.  Several companies, including famously Uber, Lyft, and GrubHub have been in court recently to argue that their workers were in fact independent contractors, and not employees. There are a multitude of tests used at the federal and […]

Basic Pay Stub Compliance

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In both California and Washington, employers must provide employees with certain information about the employee’s pay.  In general, these are pretty straightforward, but that’s no reason to get lax about making sure each statement is in compliance. California In California, a pay stub must be made available to the employee at the same time as […]

What’s a salary and how do I get one?

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There can be a lot of confusion about what a salary is, and what it means.  Sometimes, employers and employees will use “salaried” work as a status symbol, so that those workers on salary are marked out as somehow more important than hourly workers.  Occasionally, both employers and employees will want to be on salary […]