Millennial Women Business Owners

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Millennials, particularly Millennial women, are gearing up to be one of the more entrepreneurial and active generations we’ve seen recently.  The interest in becoming an entrepreneur is high, despite an economic climate that has been less than friendly to the young over the last decade or so.  Women are starting to see more benefit in […]

Happy Thanksgiving (or, Do I Have to Provide Holiday Pay?)

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The short answer is “no,” there are no special rules for holidays in either California or Washington state.  If an employee works over 40 hours in a week or over 8 hours in a day, then they qualify for overtime pay.  However, if it has been the employer’s practice over several years to provide holiday […]

What to Watch for in 2019 (WA edition)

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As usual, Washington was much less busy than California.  However, #MeToo still had an impact in Washington, shown by the number of equal pay and anti-harassment laws passed in 2018. Note that the following only applies to employers and businesses doing business in Washington State. Employment Minimum Wage Updates Remember that the Washington minimum wage […]


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Nationwide in 2016, about 139 million people cast votes, or about 60% of the eligible voters in the country.  That did vary across the country: In California, where we pretty much know that the population is going to vote for a Democrat for president, only about 50% to 54% of the eligible population voted.  In […]