About Alicia

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I grew up in a small town in western Washington state, and received a Bachelor’s degree from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, where I majored in Political Science with a special interest in international development.  It was during college that I first learned of the importance of small businesses to creating a vibrant local community.  After graduation, I spent four years teaching English in Japan and saw the impact that “mom and pop” businesses had on keeping jobs and opportunity available in small, local markets.  I decided to apply to law school and moved to Washington, D.C. for my first year of law school.

After that first year, I found that I missed the West Coast, so I transferred to the University of San Diego School of Law to complete my legal degree.  During those last two years of law school, I interned at a variety of placements that put me in contact with small business owners and reaffirmed my desire to do more to assist the start-ups in my community. Since graduating in 2013, I have clerked for the USD Entrepreneurship Clinic, worked in litigation, and for two years was the business transactions attorney for a small niche firm in San Diego.  I am excited to help you build your business.