Reverse Veil Piercing

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What is Reverse Veil Piercing? If you don’t remember what “piercing the corporate veil” means, it’s when a court decides that an individual owner should be responsible for some or all of the liabilities of the company, usually a corporation or LLC.  “Reverse” veil piercing is when a company is made liable for the debts […]

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Protecting Your Side Gig

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Millennials are hard workers, interested in building their own lives and careers.  Don’t believe me?  Right around 40% of millennials are working second jobs, either for the money itself, or to build something that’s important to them.  Almost 30% of millennials have lived off the income of their small business, and up to half WANT […]

Do I Even Need a Business?

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When starting a business, this is often one of the first legal questions that comes up.  If you as the owner have gotten to this point, then you’ve probably already figured out that you have a market, and how to target that market.  You turn to your lawyer to help with the legal side of […]